014: Episode 014


In Episode 014 we're joined once again by our favourite movie academic, Miriam Ross, to help us talk about Scorsese's HUGO and the latest developments in 3D; We will sum up the Cold War thriller TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY, Dan will get a tour of Moscow while being chased by aliens in THE DARKEST HOUR and Kailey learns how to whisper to horses with the new documentary BUCK. 

All that and more in this week's edition of Cinematica.


Show Notes

Wellington film fans can enjoy some outdoor screenings from Weds night in the Botanic Gardens as part of the annual Summer City festival.  Films are Exit Through the Gift Shop, Bill Cunningham New York, Florian Habicht’s Kaikohe Demolition and the 80s family classic Labyrinth.

Auckland also has an outdoor screening series produced by Open Air Cinema which is much more extensive and touring all over the region from 10 February to the end of March: http://www.openair.co.nz/events/

In Auckland city, the Silo series is running every Friday night until the 24th of February at the new Wynyard Quarter: http://www.biglittlecity.co.nz/Events/silo-park-night-markets-and-outdoor-cinema 

And one of the richest men in the world complains about candy bar prices: “Agree about cinema prices which out of our control - but even more offensive are prices for popcorn and sodas.” 

Date: 16th January 2012