Interview with Bill Gosden, Director of the NZFF

In Episode 024, Dan speaks with Bill Gosden, director of the World Cinema Showcase and the NZFF.

Our full interview with Bill can be downloaded here

Interview with Vincent Ward

In Episode 023, Dan speaks with legendary Kiwi director and artist Vincent Ward.

Interview with Rob Hamill

In Episode 021 we interview Atlantic rower Rob Hamill about his search for truth about his brother Kerry in the documentary BROTHER NUMBER ONE.

The full length Q&A with Rob can be found here

Interview with Ryan Renolds

In Episode 019 we interview Film Society front man Ryan Renolds.

Interview with Robert Crockett, President of the MPDA

In Episode 015 the New Zealand MPDA announced their box office figures for 2011: an 11% drop on 2010. We talk to the President of the MPDA Disney's Robert Crockett about why that might be and what we can expect in 2012.

Interview with Miriam Ross, 3D Scholar

In Episode 014 we're joined once again by our favourite movie academic, Miriam Ross, to help us talk about Scorsese's HUGO and the latest developments in 3D

Interview with Gianni Di Gregorio, Director of The Salt of Life

In Episode 009 we preview a sweet little film from Italy by interviewing the writer and director of THE SALT OF LIFE - Gianni Di Gregorio.

Interview with Gerard Smyth, Director of 'When a City Falls'

In Episode 006, Dan and Simon speak with Gerard Smyth, director of WHEN A CITY FALLS, a new documentary tracing the stories of the people of an earthquake devastated Canterbury.

Interview with Cantabrians James Croot and Rachael King

In Episode 005, Dan talks to James Croot from The Press and writer Rachael King, two Christchurch film fans, about being cinephiles in a city that's lost several movie theatres to earthquakes.

Interview with Miriam Ross, Professor and 3D Expert at Massey University

In Episode 002, we welcome special guest Miriam Ross.
Miriam is undertaking her PhD research at Massey University in Wellington.  Her research areas lie in global cinema dynamics with an emphasis on production, distribution and exhibition and she is particularly interested in new technologies and their affect on filmmaking and circulation.  Her academic research into 3D is some of the first of its kind.  We were lucky enough to have her in studio to talk about her work.

Interview with The Orator director Tusi Tamasese

Episode 001 features an interview with Tusi Tamasese, director of the first Samoan feature film The Orator.  We also spoke with Producer Catherine Fitzgerald and editor Simon Price during a Q&A following a screening of the film at Light House Cinema in Petone.